Wild & Scenic Mokelumne Update

Wild and Scenic designation protects California's important rivers

We can protect the Mokelumne River for future generations with California Wild and Scenic River designation.

Tubing on the Mokelumne
Calaveras Enterprise
Summer recreation on the Electra Run

The Mokelumne River offers something for everyone:

  • Recreation for all ages
  • Exceptional scenic beauty
  • Unique cultural and historic resources
  • High water quality
  • Critical wildlife and fish habitat
  • Water and power supply

The Mokelumne River is beautiful and wild. It is a door to lasting wonder we can share with our children, and theirs—part of our priceless natural and cultural heritage.

This statewide distinction will allow continued use of the river for recreation, hydropower generation and water supply while ensuring that our beautiful river keeps flowing for people and wildlife.

  • The Mokelumne has outstanding cultural and historical values, scenic beauty and high water quality
  • About 37 river miles are eligible for designation, from Salt Springs Dam to the high pool of Pardee Reservoir
    • North Fork Mokelumne: Salt Springs Dam to Tiger Creek Powerhouse. About 17 miles. Found eligible by the U.S. Forest Service.
    • North Fork and Main Stem Mokelumne: Tiger Creek Afterbay Dam to just below Highway 49 (with gaps around the PG&E facilities on the river and Roaring Camp). About 20.2 miles. Recommended for designation by the Bureau of Land Management.
    • BLM segment to Pardee high pool

    California Wild and Scenic River designation will protect the Mokelumne’s free-flowing reaches.

    The Mokelumne River offers something for everyone.
    • Protects the free-flowing river segments by barring new dams and diversions on the designated reaches
    • Protects the river's cultural and historical resources, scenic beauty, and high water quality
    • Keeps powerful outside water interests from building a dam or diversion on the designated sections. Local governments would have no authority over a Mokelumne dam application.

    The Mokelumne will join 14 other California rivers in the state Wild and Scenic River System

    • System established in 1972 by an act of the state Legislature.
    • Protects the free-flowing character of rivers and their outstanding natural, historical, cultural or other values
    • Balances water and hydropower development with protection of river reaches in a free-flowing state
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