Wild & Scenic Mokelumne Update

Winter Flow, North Fork Mokelumne

Devil's Nose


  • East end: Take Highway 88 east from Jackson to Ellis Road. Follow Ellis Road south to the North Fork Mokelumne. Closed in winter due to snow. See map
  • West end: Take Highway 88 east from Jackson to Tiger Creek Road in Buckhorn. Follow Tiger Creek Road down to the Tiger Creek Powerhouse. See map
  • Length of river canyon: Turn left before the Tiger Creek Powerhouse and cross cattle guard to access PG&E gravel road. Runs to Salt Springs Powerhouse. Road is open year-round. May be in poor condition. May be temporarily blocked by low snowfall. See map

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Blog post from kayaker who ran the Devil's Nose reach a few years ago. Description and photos.

From A Wet State: 2009 Description of the run with fantastic photos

Fall Reflection, Devil's Nose

Just below Salt Springs Dam


  • Interesting geology: Terminal moraine of glacier that created the upper Mokelumne canyon; large boulders in the river; massive granite domes near Salt Springs Powerhouse; steep, granitic river gorge downstream; the Devil’s Nose
  • Rich cultural resources
  • Healthy trout fishery
  • Important habitat for goshawks, California spotted owls, pine martens, foothill yellow-legged frogs, black bear, and deer herds
  • Important bird habitat
  • Conifer forests with oaks along the river’s north bank
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Kayak trip down the Devil's Nose Run

Photos by Daniel Brasuell, A Wet State, June 13, 2009

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