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Off the Deep End: Imagine a river that is more than water
Calaveras Enterprise column by Buzz Eggleston
Calaveras County's Buzz Eggleston calls for protection of the Mokelumne River with Wild and Scenic designation in this wonderful column in the Calaveras Enterprise.


"You know, if I were to ask our lawmakers to do something for us, I wouldn’t think small. I would ask them to at least get out of the way. No, more than that, I would want them to do something big, something good for us, something that we would be proud to hand down to our children and our children’s children.

"I would ask them to designate the 37-miles of Mokelumne River upstream from Pardee Reservoir as wild and scenic. And I’d ask them to make it a state recreation area, maybe a national one. I would ask them to protect the resources, including a flowing river, to preserve its natural scenic, cultural and historic values, to add amenities that would encourage recreational and educational use of the Mokelumne, and to celebrate it as the monument of nature that enchanted many of us and made us want to make this place our home.

"I would take a lesson from the scarred canyon of the Stanislaus River, which we were solemnly promised would be a recreational wonder, and not repeat that naive mistake. I would make the Mokelumne a testament to our history, to the way it was and to the way it can be."

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