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photo of Mokelumne River
North Fork Mokelumne River below Salt Springs Dam
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Mokelumne Salmon restoration moves upstream
Salmon smolts from the Mokelumne may one day return to spawn
upstream of Pardee Dam.
The Foothill Conservancy is continuing to lead a program to study restoration of anadromous (land-spawning, ocean-going) fish in the Mokelumne River upstream of Pardee Reservoir. We convened the process last year and have been holding meetings with agencies and interested parties for about 10 months, working with them to draft a pilot study plan.

While the plan is not yet complete, the study will likely look at transporting fall-run Chinook salmon upstream of Pardee and watching where they create a redd – a nest in the gravel on the river bottom where they lay eggs. The hatched young, called alevin, may then be captured and raised in the Camanche Hatchery before their journey back to the Pacific. The results of the pilot project will help determine whether a longer-term program should be carried out in the upper Mokelumne.

To view some of the compiled literature the group has gathered and learn about similar, successful projects, visit: www.foothillconservancy.org/salmon. For more information on the process, call Reuben Childress at 209-223-3508 or send him an e-mail at reuben@foothillconservancy.org.

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