Wild & Scenic Mokelumne Update

About the Foothill Conservancy
To protect, restore, and sustain the natural and human environment in Amador and Calaveras counties for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our Vision for Amador and Calaveras Counties
The Foothill Conservancy envisions a future for Amador and Calaveras counties where:
  • Rural character and scenic quality are protected.
  • Agricultural lands, forest lands, and open space are conserved.
  • The natural diversity and habitat of native plants and animals are protected and restored.
  • Free-flowing rivers and creeks are protected and restored.
  • Development is ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable.
  • Historic sites, small towns, and community identities are preserved.
  • Cities and counties coordinate their land use planning.
  • Social, economic, and natural diversity are balanced to strengthen local communities.
Core Values
  • Find positive solutions. We work together with everyone to find positive solutions.
  • Promote the triple bottom line. We know that community economic prosperity and social well-being go hand in hand with environmental protection, restoration and sustainability.
  • Stay grounded in values. We are clear about and true to our values.
  • Work transparently. We are transparent in our actions and motives.
  • Focus on fact, science and law. We ground our work in research, fact, science, and law.
  • Support community-based solutions. We help local residents find solutions to community challenges.
Guiding Principles
Foothill Conservancy has adopted various principles to guide us in our work and help others understand how we approach local issues.
Key Accomplishments

Past Events
  • Annual fundraising dinner, Karmere Vineyards & Winery, Plymouth
  • An Evening with John Muir, Mokelumne Hill
  • Raft trips with OARS on the Mokelumne River


  • Annual fundraising dinner
  • 2017 Mokelumne River Cleanup
  • An Afternoon with John Muir, Angels Camp
  • Celebrate Fall! Volcano Union Inn
  • Raft trips with OARS on the Mokelumne River


  • Annual fundraising dinner
  • 2016 Mokelumne River Cleanup
  • Laurie Lewis and the Rights Hands concert, Mokelumne Hill
  • Fall Harvest Festival, Feist Wines Tasting Room, Sutter Creek
  • Raft trips with OARS on the Mokelumne River


  • Annual fundraising dinner
  • 2015 Mokelumne River Cleanup
  • "An Evening with John Muir," Mokelumne Hill
  • Raft trips with OARS on the Mokelumne River


  • Annual fundraising dinner
  • 2014 Mokelumne River Cleanup
  • Raft trips with OARS on the American River




  • 2011 Mokelumne River Cleanup
  • Annual fundraising barbecue
  • Mokelumne River raft trips with O.A.R.S.
  • Wild and Scenic Wine Release Party
  • Bluegrass for the Moke! Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum in concert





Contact Us
Foothill Conservancy Tam crop office photo
Call: 209-223-3508
Write: 35 Court St, Ste 1; Jackson, CA 95642
E-Mail: fhc@foothillconservancy.org

Visit Our Office!

In Jackson at 35 Court St, on the corner of Summit, in the historic Tam House. It's best to call ahead since we're not always at the office.

Directors and Officers
  • Katherine Evatt, President, Volcano
  • R. Winston "Pete" Bell, Jr., Vice-President, Volcano
  • Caryl Callsen, Treasurer, Pioneer
  • Susan Bragstad, Amador City
  • Kelsi Williams, Volcano
  • Marta Johnson, Secretary, Mokelumne Hill
  • Charles R. "Bob" Leitzell, Mokelumne Hill
  • Clavey Wendt, Angels Camp
  • Carolyn Schooley, Administrative Assistant
THE FOOTHILL CONSERVANCY  |  35 Court Street, Suite 1   Jackson, CA  95642  |  209-223-3508